Understanding Some of the Costs of Charter Flights

Chartering a flight can offer more convenience as compared to travelling commercially. With charter flights, you have more control over aspects such as routing and scheduling. However, charter flights can also be more expensive as compared to travelling with other passengers. Understanding some of the typical fees found on the invoice of a charter flight can help you see why it is slightly costlier. Having the information also helps you see why chartering a flight is necessary just as it is convenient to hire a car rather than using public means when traveling. [Read More]

Adding Accessible Taxis To Your Growing Firm: How & Why?

Running a taxi firm is often hard work, but it can also prove to be a very profitable business venture. If all of your hard work is paying off and you're looking to expand your fleet, you may wish to consider adding an accessible car to your range. With approximately 1 in 5  Australians affected by some form of disability, people with disabilities represent a significant portion of the population and a market that should not be ignored. [Read More]

3 Important Factors to Remember When Choosing an International Freight Forwarding Company

A freight transport company picks up and delivers your freight from point A to point B, whereas a freight forwarder will receive your freight at a dock or airport or other international border, and then see that it is delivered the rest of the way. When shipping internationally and choosing a freight forwarding company, you need to understand what is involved and ask the right questions, since freight forwarding is a bit different than hiring one transport company to deliver your cargo to its final destination. [Read More]

How to Protect Temperature-sensitive Materials During Transport

Sensitive, hazardous, or perishable items need special protection during transport, as even a slight change in temperature can damage or corrupt these items. Temperature-sensitive items include more than food; these may include medical specimens and medical items like vaccines and drugs, batch samples for chemical analysis, and certain computer and electronic parts. To protect your items during shipment, you need to work with your shipper and also ensure you're doing everything possible to protect your materials once they leave your facility. [Read More]